Sungei Wang Plaza

Internationally known as 'The River Of Gold', Sungei Wang Plaza exudes charm and popularity both among tourists and the locals. Strategically located amidst high rises of the Golden Triangle, Sungei Wang Plaza offers visitors more than 800 retail outlets in one shopping haven complete with ample parking spaces, functional facilities and accessible public transportation.

Incorporated in Malaysia on 16th May 1972 with an authorised share capital of RM15 million, Sungei Wang Plaza opened for business in 1977. Its 1.2 million square footage consists of seven shopping levels and three split-level basement parking spaces. The Plaza continually receives an average of two million visitors on a monthly basis.
The core venture of Sungei Wang Plaza revolves around the ownership and leasing of commercial spaces at the Plaza. In view of the comfort of clients and visitors, USD 10 million was invested into the renovation and refurbishment of the retail floors in 1992. In addition to better facilities and comfort, the Plaza has evolved tremendously with the latest concepts to enhance its presence. The IT@SungeiWang was established to provide the latest IT solutions through reliable and warm customer services, alongside guaranteed quality products. Creation by Malaysian Designers and Hong Kong Station @ 6th Floor became an instantaneous hit and a must-visit destination and continued to create headlines.
The past 30 years recorded a colourful history of success and distinguished awards for Sungei Wang Plaza. Even though surrounded by competitors, the road ahead is undeniably bright and undefeated.

What's on at Sungei Wang Plaza

Sungei Wang Plaza SWP Box No. 009, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 2148 6109



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